Anonymous Individual's Psychological Problem

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Psychological problems can be examined and explained in various ways. There are different approaches to explaining these issues psychologically. In this case study paper, an anonymous individual’s psychological problem will be examined and explained by the six different theoretical models. These models include: biological, psychodynamic, behavioral, cognitive, humanistic, and socio-cultural approaches. This individual in particular suffers from severe depression as well as anxiety. In this case, it is apparent that the severity of this depression effects the individual’s lifestyle as well as their personal interactions. The six theoretical models are not all inclusive, and each is not likely to describe the problem accurately, or entirely,…show more content…
Cognitive behavioral theorist Dr. Aaron Beck believes that depression is a result of negative thoughts that are caused by dysfunctional beliefs. In this case, the severity of these negative thoughts or beliefs directly determine the severity of the depression. Cognitive approaches to an individual with depression cite that the more negative/dysfunctional the thoughts, the more depressed the individual will be. There are three main themes seen with these thoughts: the individual views themselves as defective or broken (not good enough), they fail at everything or everything goes wrong for them, and that there is no chance for change for the future. These three thoughts are commonly shared by depressed individuals and can have seriously detrimental outcomes if all three are present, which is…show more content…
The socio-cultural approach to psychological disorders examines the cultural and sociological pressures on an individual and how they affect them. Societies often have expectations and standards that individuals are expected to adhere to. Sociocultural therapist look to examine how the rules and expectations of groups of peoples effect its members. Failing to meet these standards can result in depression. A study by Kara L. Kerr looked into the socio-cultural influences of body image and the effects it had on adolescent females and depression. She stated that media and cultural influences played a large role in body image as well as the mental health in individuals. Western culture promotes particular body images, and those that fail to adhere to these standards can have serious mental health issues, such as eating disorders (Kerr, 2010), or in the case of our anonymous individual,
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