Personal Causes Of Depression

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Depression can be attributable to multiple factors and there might not be a single identifiable cause for the condition. One may develop depression due to the loss of a loved one, on an account of a family history of depression, in the backdrop of multiple social or financial stresses or it may begin in the background of a chronic medical condition. Some individuals can also experience loneliness and melancholy for no apparent reason at all. It is crucial to note that recognition of these factors is extremely important so as to be able to provide appropriate intervention for the affected individual’s recovery. Depression can be broadly classified into the following two types: Personal Causes: Each individual has a different reaction and behavioural…show more content…
How one deals with this stress affects the state of one’s being. Constant stress can hamper the productivity and efficiency of a person leading to adverse effects on their well-being. Loneliness – The feeling of loneliness is said to be subjective as it can strike any individual. A person can be depressed regardless of being alone or being constantly surrounded by people. Symptoms such as sadness, isolation and withdrawal usually display signs of depression in individuals. Financial Difficulties - One factor that has the potential to impact nearly everyone at some or the other point in their life is personal finance. Researches and studies have established a clear link between mental and financial health. In many instances, that link is cyclical – poor financial health leads to poor mental health, which leads to increasingly poor financial health, and so on. Depression is more likely to occur if an individual faces financial difficulty and such…show more content…
In several situations, it could be attributed to factors like imbalances and changes in the hormonal levels, genetics or other such stimulants for which a medical and family history would become required. In other situations, it might not be possible to understand and analyse the cause for the condition to have developed in the first place. Major social causes for depression among youth include the following: Competition - Competition as a value is ingrained into all of us right from our childhood. The underlying belief that emerging victorious from the fray displays strength while coming up short only proves weakness often adversely affects individuals leading to depression. Peer Pressure – The pressure to conform and obtain approval from one’s social group can lead to individuals feeling confused and at odds with themselves. At a stage when young adults struggle to define and discover themselves, this additional stress causes them to act in ways and manners that they may not be comfortable
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