Argumentative Essay On Peer Pressure

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Peer pressure is quite the controversial matter today. It is the feeling that someone your own age is pushing you toward making a certain choices, good or bad.(The Cool Spot). The level of peer influence generally increases as children grow and it has become an important influence on behavior during adolescence. Many researches and surveys have been done to find the answer to the question whether peer pressure is beneficial or harmful for teenagers. While Karcher &Finn (2005) claimed that peer pressure is the biggest factor result in bad behavious of adolescents; Bukowski (1998) and Salvy (2011) argued that pressure from peers can bring amazing benefits for them. The following writing will discuss peer pressure and from then show that peer pressure can also good for teenagers, too. Many people, including researchers and psychologists,…when thinking of “pressure”, they believe that peer pressure has negative effects that can lead to devastating consequences. According to a publication on peer pressure by Parent Further(2015), only 10 percent …show more content…

Experiencing peer pressure is a way to learn how to overcome pressure and to discover ourselves. We can not become perfect, but we definitely become stronger, more confident and are willing to cope with difficulties. Exposure to peer pressure also gives us an opportunity to think about other people’s outlooks towards life. It is a chance for us to choose the best from what the masses do as well as lead us to make right choices in life. To minimize the bad effects of peer pressure, parential involvement plays a very important part – it promote healthy behaviors and decrease the chance to engage in risky behavior. Besides, each person should be true to themselves and choose the peer groups to play with

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