Argumentative Essay On Antidepressant

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The FDA warnings regarding antidepressants go over increased sensitivity to feelings of suicidality in all ages and that all patients taking antidepressants should be observed closely throughout the first few months of trial for any change in behavior, suicidality, or clinical worsening. The warning produced by the FDA does hit the main points when discussing the basics of beginning a new prescription. The FDA does not produce a warning that is thorough and strict. The warning should be revised to speak about the spectrum of depression beginning with mild to severe, and the side effects that belong to each level of depression. Along with going over additional side effects, the warning should consist of a more strict evaluation plan such …show more content…

One’s environment can also have severe effects on one’s thought processes and mood. If one is in an abusive relationship, or having financial troubles it is stated in the the debate provided in the course module, that it is vital to figure out if one is is depressed or merely unhappy. Giving antidepressants to a patient who is not particularly in need of them can have the opposite effects than what is trying to be achieved. Heritage plays another big role. Looking back on one’s lineage to observe if there is a pattern of depression can sometimes give one a headstart in their treatment plan. Lastly, closely observing a patient’s behavior and physical appearance can be a red flag. Depression can lead to more negative/reserved behavior and a lack of physical hygiene (Sue, 174). When coming up with a treatment plan that uses antidepressants it is first vital that one gives a full disclosure about the medication (The Agenda, 10:50). The medication will not work instantaneously and may be a long road before the right medication is found. The medication’s side effects should also be disclosed so the patient can be fully aware of what to look out for and a specific guide to follow if the patient is feeling that the medication is making them worse. It should also be stated that it is normal to feel some wonky side effects within the first few

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