Teenage Overmedication In Teens

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“Thanks to advancements in diagnosis and treatment, more children and teens than ever before are currently on medication. This fact has some people worried that caregivers today are perhaps too eager to seek out medical solutions to behavior problems.” Though certain prescribed antidepressants and other medications are suggested to patients by doctors, they indeed have side effects that should be taken seriously. Suicide is one of these side effects, and many teenage suicides are linked to such medicines. Because of this, patients are instructed to be extremely careful when taking medication to treat mental illnesses and depression. Far reached mental illnesses have had detrimental effects on teen health as Teens are often being prescribed medicine for things that don’t require medication, teens are receiving high dosages of these unnecessary medications, and society being “too soft” on adolescents thus leading to the newly found mental illnesses present in today’s society leading to the spiked suicide rates as a result. While some teens have justifiable mental illnesses that require medication to live a normal life, many individuals abuse this leverage resulting in a bigger problem that they began with. Teenage overmedication has become a growing problem in our day and age, and teens being prescribed unnecessary medicines heightens the problem. Incorrect prescription in teens is quite serious and could have a detrimental effect on the teen’s health. For example, an

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