Essay On Teen Suicide

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Suicide and Self-harm is one of the main leading causes in youth deaths in today 's society. The thought of ending his or her life is one of the thoughts developing in teenagers’ minds around the globe. There are many reasons to why a person will put their life at risk, such as stress, depression, loss of a loved one, or being bullied. Constant use of drugs or alcohol is also another leading cause to a person to have suicidal thoughts/actions. Suicide is not the way to go, there are plenty of other options to overcome suicidal thoughts or actions. Teenage suicide is definitely preventable when the right help is present. It can be recognized on the internet, gossiping, and phone callings. In almost all cases teenagers who bully others get some type of satisfaction in causing pain and injury to other teenagers. Being bullied should be an experience that no youth ever has to go through. Young teens who are being bullied try to seek out ways to cope with the pain and suffering. As a result, teen suicide is the third leading cause for all deaths among teens aged 15-19. Teens suicide attempts and completions have steadily been on the rise since 2000. Surveys have found that 25% of high school and 10% of college students have seriously considered suicide sometime in their life. Therefore, any teen who mentions anything about suicide should be taken seriously.” (Reed) Frala 2

Every suicide attempt comes with warning signs even

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