Essay On Suicide Among College Students

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Suicide. The action of killings oneself intentionally. A word synonymous with despair and tragedy, this act may be taken due to several reasons but if focused on a particular demographic, such as college students, the reasons may be clearer. It is widely accepted that causes of suicides are largely (if not completely) mentally related. With high amounts of stress and pressure coupled with ever amounting expectations on still developing minds, it does not seem difficult to correlate why the rates of suicide among college students is steadily increasing. Besides the lacking mental fortitude, these feelings of inadequacy and worthlessness within students, which may cause depression and even suicide, is caused by social or personal pressure from oneself or by their peers.
One of the primary external pressures that most students face is that of parents and their expectations. Though most parents may have the best intentions for a childs future, constant supervision …show more content…

Furthermore if that person were to attend his/her dream college; he would be at a stage where all individuals were equal to him/her academically. In the case of highly competitive colleges, where all attendees were in the top percentile of their school, suddenly being plunged into a situation where he/she is no longer the special one can be quite daunting. People tend to attend colleges with like-minded individuals and are thus bound to match in academic skill. Thus some individuals are hypothetically big fish coming from a little pond to discover that they are now small fish in a big pond. Researcher Herbert W. Marsh claimed that students who were more talented than the group in academic situations tended to do better than gifted students who were in a class with other gifted students. This may partly be due to the fact that the individuals is more self confident, compared to the individual who has gone from special to

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