Social Phobia Research Paper

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The word “Phobia “ which comes from Greek in the year 1786 brings the meaning of ‘fear’.The affixes word related Phobia such as Phob , phobo , phobic, phobism comes from Greek which is synonyms word for ‘Fear’.Fears are common and normals to humans . People who have a specific, powerful fear suffer called Phobia. Phobia is a fear , panic ,trauma, terror, fright , scared, fear of object , fear of situations or place . Phobia is classify as a activity mental health professionals as an anxiety disorder.

What is Phobia ?

Phobia is a excessive fear ,horror, panic ,fright , strong dislike of animal, object ,or place. Fear is a universal feeling in humans .People who suffer in phobia always hink that something bad is about …show more content…

The diagram below shows how a Social Phobia victims thought Specific phobia
Fear of specific object or situation, fear of particular objects that harmful as their own specific phobia such as fear of flying , fear of injections , fear of cockroach, fear of taking lift, fear when seeing blood .

Most Common Phobia Phobias are distressing feeling which make a person uncomfort and stressful . Generally there are ten most common phobias. Here are some most ten common phobias in the world. People are facing with on this most ten phobias all around the world .
AGORAPHOBIA : fear of open spaces NECROPHOBIA : fear of death
CLAUSTROPHOBIA : fear of confined spaces BRONTOPHOBIA : fear of thunder / lightening
ACROPHOBIA : fear of heights CARCINOPHOBIA : fear of

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