Psychological Disorder In The Movie Black Swan

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This paper will report on Nina Sayer, the main character in the movie Black Swan. It will attempt to describe and explain the biological, psychological and social elements that influenced the onset and progression of Nina’s battle with schizophrenia and obsessive-compulsive disorder. Section one of this paper will provide a summary of the movie as well as a social profile of the main character in the movie. It will also discuss how the filmmaker, Darren Aronofsky, presented the symptoms and the causes of these disorders —and how accurate he portrayed them. In section two, the paper will provide academic research that will focus on the biological, psychological, and social influences of the subjects disorder. In section three, the paper will shed light on how the writer’s faith perspective explains the cause and treatment of the disorder profiled in this investigation. Lastly, the paper will summarize the final thoughts of the author in the conclusion section. Summary Nina Sayers, a young dancer in a prestigious New York City ballet company, lives at home with her mother who was also a dancer. The company decides to open the season with Black Swan. Beth Macintyre was forced into retirement and now needs to be replaced with a young fresh face for the show. Thomas Leroy, the director, needs someone who can play the White Swan, who is innocent and fragile, and also the Black Swan who is the seductive and dark twin. Nina auditions for the part and performs faultlessly as the

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