Psychological Disorders: A Psychological Analysis

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Before this, I might confuse about which type of psychological disorder the people might suffer on, the causes and the treatment on the disorders. But now, I understand more about the psychological disorders which as known as mental disorders and the treatments to cure them. In this reality world, people might discriminate against those who has mental illness and not willing to help them. Perhaps one day in the real life, I might bump into someone who has mental illness and I could help them as much as I can such as giving them advice to treat the disorder as soon as possible or giving them positive supports. Psychological disorders are patterns of symptoms or behavioral that might influence the ability to function in some areas of life. These disorders might create suffer and distress to those patients because it is out of their control. The factors that lead to those disorders are biological, psychological, and social-cultural factors. Biological factors can be defined as the genetic characteristics such as hormones and of neurotransmitters that could not be controlled. Psychological factors are the way of thinking of the patients and responses to stress. Even though we will always face pressure in our life, but we …show more content…

Major depressive disorder occurred when the depression is serious and continue for two or more weeks. Those who suffer from this disorder might always feel sad, think negatively and loss of interest on everything. In serious cases, they might feel like want to commit in suicide. The treatments that could cure the psychological disorders can divided into Psychotherapy, Biomedical Therapy and Changing the Social Situation. However, combination therapy will be more effective in treatment. Combination therapy is also knowns as Eclectic Therapy which the therapist will use whichever methods that seem to be more effective to the

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