Mental Illness In The Film, Blood Brothers

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The term “Mental Illness” can have a wide variety of what illness a person actually has, a mental illness can be depression, schizophrenia, PTSD, etc. Mental illness is a wide range of conditions that will affect one’s ability to think, their behavior, and their mood, yet there is no cure for one’s mental illness. With the help of hospitals, the right therapy, and of course, medicine mental illness can surely be treated. In society today, people view mental illness as having something wrong with someone, that they are psychotic and should be locked in a mental facility for the rest of their lives. We as humans view this due to the fact of everything we see on television and hear around our surroundings. The media has programmed our minds to believe untrue “facts” of what we believe is someone who is mentally ill. When in reality, the mentally ill people cannot help that they are the way they are because it is a silent disease that they struggle with every day. Due to their struggle and resentment of wanting to believe they are ill, they won’t ask for help when in reality they need it. They will keep quiet in fear of judgement, isolation, and discrimination, so every day they put on their mask and go out into the world pretending they are just fine.

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