Fight Club Movie Mental Disabilities

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The media portrays people with mental disabilities as wrongful and bad human beings. There are countless movies, television shows and media outlets that portray having a mental disability. The shows often illustrate them doing irrational things, such as killing others, hurting others, and making it seem like they are not a human being. A few examples of this would be the movie/television show, “Fight Club”, the main character has dissociative identity disorder, along with the movie that recently came out “Split”. There are even some adolescent movies and television shows that have some of the same depictions on mentally disabled people. Growing up from a young age watching the shows without knowledge of what is being portrayed. The population …show more content…

It is based around a man named Kevin who has twenty-four different personalities. Each personality has their own voice, thoughts, actions and names. The personalities can change at any given time and the person always knows about the other personalities. In the movie he can feel when a different personality is coming out into the light. They do not just suddenly wake up as a different person without knowledge of the others, the people that do have this disability know about every one of the personalities. In one of Kevin’s personalities he tries to go and get help from his psychiatrist, but it does not seem to help. During the movie, Kevin still has one secret identity that has not been shown. The hidden disability has not come about yet because nothing has triggered it to come out. In the movie there was always a triggering point for any of the personalities to come to the forefront and show themselves. The hidden disability is what turns him into a monster which this is where the movie starts depicting mental disabilities as a bad thing, where he goes around the town killing a few people and keeping one hostage before they eventually kill him. The mental disability that the character has is called “Dissociative identity Disorder”, which was formerly known as Multiple Personality Disorder. About two percent of the world population has this health

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