Pt1420 Unit 6 Assignment

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1.1. Creating objects & Right side panel – brief This panel is the main medium that is used to create ( ) objects, I can also modify ( ) and edit objects as well in addition I can alter different aspects in 3ds max as well. I could also alter the pivot point (gismo) and decide where it origin point is. Here I am given a selection of shapes that will act as objects when placed on the world. Creation method is how I create the object by mouse click allowing me to create the object as a whole or in stages. Parameters allows me to fine tune the object to a specific size and segments. 1.2. Modifying pivot point Modify here I can state what I want to affect. By clicking on affect pivot, I can alter where the pivot resides, it can be anywhere …show more content…

Rotating objects Rotating an object allows you to move an object around in a fixed position of the screen in short it allows me to move the object without altering the position the object sits in on the world. 1.4. Transformations – move Transformations can be accessed by right clicking the object that is selected. The transformation move allows you to move an object around freely from the currently viewed aspect. The closer I bring an object towards me the further it moves down on the grid the further away the higher it is. This varies depending on viewing angles. Location of the object can be changed manually by this method however there is a tool where I can enter precise coordinates if I need to fine tune. 1.5. Naming of …show more content…

Names should reflect what the object does. I could use a prefix of what the object is or what it does to make the object name stand out from one another. For example I have 2 cylinders with different textures a camera and a box, the cylinders would be barrels so I would use the prefix “brl” (brl= barrel) then a value or texture name, a prefix for camera would be “cam” (cam= camera) and for box it could be “crt” (crt= crate). I could have used other names the purpose of naming varies from person to person and what is being created. 1.6. Modifiers & parameters Modifiers are selections and effects that you can make in the dropdown menu on the modify tab on right ( ). Each has different effects such as melt. Melt gives an object the effect that it is melting. Parameters is the menu that allows me to edit the size of the shape in addition to the ability to edit the amount of segments that an object can have. 1.7. Compass, object view and home

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