Pt1420 Unit 6 Assignment

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One of the first steps that I had taken when I approached this weeks assignment was to determine how the article had fit into my research topic. While it was difficult as I remained intent on finding the articles that dealt with Transnational Criminal Organizations and Terror groups, the search was made a bit easier with the APUS library. After I had located the articles I believed I was going to be using one of the next steps was to determine the articles content, I had questioned the content as well as what the author was trying to convey. As was described in the lesson this week as well as seeing the example given, I made an outline as well as placed them in my own words. What my criteria was in order to determine what was appropriate was, the keyword as well as content. …show more content…

It was self-explanatory at first when determining what was needed, but initially I had issues in finding the articles due to the limited nature of the topic. What were more available were books, and with I looked at the author’s background and what validity they posed to the research being conducted. One of the biggest things I was looking for, was relevancy. It had to be relevant and fit my criteria in terms of what I needed for my research. What seemed to be the easiest part was the outline to help my assignment. It helped me aligned the context of what the author was saying also helped place the various themes into context as well. Rejecting the material was a bit difficult, as it was getting to the point where I was trying to use as much as I could and found very

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