Public Policy Analysis

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2.1.1 Definition of Public Policy
Many theorists define “Policy” and “Public Policy” in several ways, depending on their objectives and on the direction of study and analysis. For example, Dye (2004) described Public Policy as what a government has chosen to practice or not to practice. While, Anderson (1979) states that the public policy is a moving direction and is set up to solve problems. In addition, Laswell and Kaplan (Lasswell & Kaplan, 1970, p. 71) define public policy as “a project or programs of goals, values, and practices.” Easton (1960) defines "Policy" as the authoritative allocation of values for the benefit of the public as a whole. The stable distribution of values means "what to follow strictly, or else it is considered illegal". …show more content…

Anderson (2003), there are several implications of this concept of public policy. It refers to a purposive course of action undertaken by a government in dealing with certain problems or matters of concern. Firstly, public policies are purposive or goal-oriented actions rather than random behaviours or chance occurrences. Secondly, they can be courses or patterns of measures taken over time by governmental authorities rather than separate and distinct decisions. Thirdly, they are in response to policy demands and involve other actors, such as individuals, groups of citizens, groups of representatives, or legislators and other public officials, in action or inaction on certain public issues. Fourthly, they represent what governments do, not just what they intend to do or what officials say they are going to do. Finally, they are probably either positive or …show more content…

Public policies emerge in response to policy demands, or to claims for action or inaction on some general issue made by other actors. Moreover, policy statements are usually formal expressions or articulations of public policy. For example, they can be legislative statutes, executive orders and decrees, administrative rules and regulations, or court opinions. Moreover, they can be statements and speeches by public officials, which indicate the government's intentions and goals and the government's methods to realize

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