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  • Foreign Trade Policy In India

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    development of developing nations, an appropriate trade policy has become necessary and significant. Today no country in the world is self-sufficient in the sense that it does not possess facilities for economical production of all the goods and services that are consumed by its people. Probably no country can produce all the goods that it needs.

  • Stages In Foreign Policy Making

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    STAGES IN FOREIGN POLICY MAKING There are specific stages that foreign policy undergoes. One is the assessment of the international and domestic political environment. Here, foreign policy is made and implemented within an international and domestic political context, which must be understood by a state in order to determine the best foreign policy option. For example, a state might need to respond to an international crisis. Two is goal setting, where a state has multiple foreign policy goals. A state

  • Fiscal Policy

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    Introduction Monetary policy is the process by which the monetary authority of a country controls the supply of money, frequently aiming a rate of interest for the purpose of promoting economic growth with stability. The goals generally include relatively stable price and decreased unemployment. Monetary economics provides insight into how to craft optimal monetary policy. Definition Fiscal policy is how the government manages its budget. It collects revenue through taxation that it then spend on

  • Monetary Policy

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    1.1 Background of the Study Monetary policy deals with measures taken to regulate the supply of money, the cost and availability of credit as well as the lending and borrowing rates of interest of banks (Ahuja, 2009). Monetary policy is an anti-cyclical policy used to overcome economic depression. The monetary policy is aimed at price stability, stability of exchange rate and overall economic growth. On the other hand, fiscal policy is the use of taxation, public borrowing, and public expenditure

  • Public Policy Analysis

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    1 Definition of Public Policy Many theorists define “Policy” and “Public Policy” in several ways, depending on their objectives and on the direction of study and analysis. For example, Dye (2004) described Public Policy as what a government has chosen to practice or not to practice. While, Anderson (1979) states that the public policy is a moving direction and is set up to solve problems. In addition, Laswell and Kaplan (Lasswell & Kaplan, 1970, p. 71) define public policy as “a project or programs

  • Relationship Between Diplomacy And Foreign Policy

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    Relationship between “Diplomacy” and “Foreign Policy”? Definition of Diplomacy and Foreign Policy By definition, diplomacy is the art and practice of conducting negotiations between representatives of states. Foreign Policy on the other hand is a set of strategies, formulated by a country to safeguard its interests in the international arena. Sir Harold George Nicolson’s Views on Foreign Policy and Diplomacy Nicolson was a diplomat par excellence, as he had served at the British Foreign Office

  • Health Policy In Bangladesh

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    Comparison of Health Policy in Bangladesh and Pakistan Introduction: Health is declared as a basic human right by the universal declaration of human rights in 1948, stating that "everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of oneself and one's family, including food, clothing, housing, and medical care." Endowment of health is a fundamental good and a moral issue because it provides opportunity to pursue life goals, reduces pain and suffering, prevents

  • Fiscal Policy Essay

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    This policy is the government’s decisions that they made in regard of any taxations or spending. Two components that make up the Government’s Fiscal policy. Other than using it to stabilize the business cycle of a country, Fiscal Policy also provide for building the infrastructures, funding of scientific researches, social safety for the citizens and even national defense. It can also be used to slow down any runaway growth, sped up recoveries or even stopping an economy in free fall. It can be done

  • Monetary Policy In Nepal

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    Monetary policy is one of the utmost significant policy to manage aggregate demand. Like other policies, the prime objectives of monetary policy to accomplish the macroeconomic aim or objectives such as stability, growth, full employment, satisfactory BOP and so on. Foreign exchange reserve plays dynamic role in the aggregate economic activities of the nation. As a developing nation Nepal, the demands for foreign exchanges are high for different types of development arrangement, trade and repay the

  • Economic Growth Policy

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    How Policies affect Economic Growth? A comparative Analysis of Advanced and Emerging Economies. Prof.Dr.Abdul Ghafoor Awan, Dean, Faculty of Management and Social Sciences, Institute of Southern Punjab, Multan-Pakistan. ghafoor70@yahoo.com. Cell # 0313-6015051. Prof. Dr.Rana Ejaz Ali Khan, Chairman, Department of Economics, Islamia University of Bahawalpur-Pakistan. ranaejazalikhan@yahoo.com Abstract- In this paper we have critically analyzed previous

  • Monetary Policy In Pakistan

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    1.1 Background of the Study and Problem Statement Economic Policies are aimed to enhance the welfare of general public. Economic policies are of three types i-e Monetary Policy, Fiscal Policy and Commercial Policy. The present study focuses upon the concept and effectiveness of Monetary Policy in Pakistan. Developing countries like Pakistan have plenty of natural and human resources but they are caught up by the mis-management

  • Fiscal Policy Definition

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    Fiscal policy is the government spending and taxation that influences the economy. Elected officials should coordinate with monetary policy to create healthy economic growth. They usually don't. Why? Fiscal policy reflects the priorities of individual lawmakers. They focus on the needs of their constituencies. These local needs overrule national economic priorities. As a result, fiscal policy is hotly debated, whether at the federal, state, county or municipal level. Types of Fiscal Policy There are

  • Fiscal Policy In Ethiopia

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    important factor affecting economic growth is the set of macroeconomic policies of the economy. The three major types of macroeconomic policies are fiscal, foreign exchange and monetary policies. Fiscal policy concerned on government spending and taxation which is linked to government expenditure plan and taxation structure of an economy (Black, Calitz, Steenekamp, 2013 and Ben, and Andrew, 2001).Studying the impact of fiscal policy on one country’s macro economy is very decisive to have a sound macroeconomic

  • Jamaican Fiscal Policy

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    Economic stabilization policies are macroeconomic policies that governments and central banks implement as a measure to maintain stable economic growth and less unpredictability. This is usually done by monitoring the business cycle and making adjustments either by fiscal policies or monetary policies in an attempt to create stability and reduce possible impacts of a downturn in the economy. In any economy there are patterns, business cycles; economic fluctuations. There are patterns of growth

  • Importance Of Monetary Policy

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    Monetary policy is the use of interest rates or control on the money supply by the government or central bank to influence the economy. The Central Bank of every country is the agency which formulates and implements monetary policy on behalf of the government in an attempt to achieve a set of objectives that are expressed in terms of macroeconomic variables such as the achievement of a desired level or rate of growth in real activity, the exchange rate, the price level or inflation, the balance of

  • Objectives Of Monetary Policy

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    Monetary policy is the art of managing money. It is a widely used tool by the central bank to control the money supply, often targeting the inflation rate and interest rate. The ultimate objective of the monetary policy is to control the price level and to better the overall economic situation of a country. Changes in the interest rates directly influence the behavior of individuals through an increase or decrease in the cost of borrowing. With a stable price level and a steady growth rate, economic

  • Macro Economic Policy

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    the guidelines for the conduct of macroeconomic policy that were articulated in the report of the Vision 2020 Macroeconomy and Finance Sub-committee. Given that the country’s circumstance are challenging, emphasis is placed on the role of the state and the expectation of citizens. The nature and performance of the economy is reviewed. Based on the analysis some general guidelines are proposed for fiscal, income, monetary and exchange rate policies. Introduction All citizens deserve a quality of

  • Wrong Monetary Policy

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    Monetary policy is to protect a country or economy (eg EU) action to stabilize prices and ensure economic growth, the correct adjustments, and implementation can ensure economic stability, there are a lot of history since the monetary policy mistakes which led to a banking crisis, the United States monetarist Milton believe fundamentally from financial turmoil monetary policy mistakes, serious reason for the financial crisis is a comprehensive monetary policy mistake led to small-scale financial

  • Limitation Of Monetary Policy

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    What are Monetary policies? Monetary policies is that strategy by that financial authority of a country, typically a financial management regulates the supply of money at intervals by its management over interest rates therefore on maintaining value stability and attain high process. Further it also deals with the distribution of credit between uses and users and also with both the lending and borrowing rates of interest of the banks. In developed countries the monetary policy has been usefully

  • Macroprudential Policy Essay

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    Macroprudential policy aims to manage financial stability through a much more targeted approach than monetary policy. Using monetary policy to fix a problem in the economy (e.g. asset prices are too high or too low) has many risks involved with it, for example causing high inflation or on the other hand causing deflation. Macroprudential policy takes a different approach and tries to correct imbalances in the economy more on a case-by-case basis instead of “shocking” the whole economy with monetary