Puritans 'Irony In The Crucible'

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Option D With the incline of Hysteria throughout the village of salem the so called “Virtuous Puritans” became backstabbing in some cases greedy folk who were only in it for themselves. From Putnam to Parris they were profiting trying to gain something or save themselves from trial. Putnam himself would just outlandishly accuse many villagers most likely them all innocent just to gain land for his own greed gains. As a side note to keep himself from the danger of the trials. While he himself is a Puritan, he would want to strive for helping others instead of just helping himself. He was asked to bring witches to trial lawfully and with proof, but alas he just profited from the many accusations of his. In the truth the irony of this whole situation is that during these events the holy Puritans threw their beliefs out the metaphorical window. And in doing so turned their civilized village to and savage society.
Option B With several judges coming to salem to commence the trials of the few soon to be the many. We would need to know the judges and what the did during the trials that was ironic. First Judge …show more content…

The accused were considered guilty until proven innocent, though almost all had no way of proving themselves innocent and since the could not prove innocent the would have to either confess to what they have not done and have there name besmirched or face death. Only a few pleaded guilty to these “crimes” most likely to end the trial quickly and to go home to their family.
For the many that could not allow these act to destroy their names the stood trial and were given capital punishment and were disgracefully buried. Among those of the dead were some of the most revered of the town and would never to be thought of as evil. One being Rebecca Nurse a feeble kind old woman who is one of if not the most holy and respected person in the village was murdered by the

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