Qualities Of Odysseus In Homer's Odyssey

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As the Webster Dictionary says a hero is a person admired for great deeds, courage or fine qualities. Odysseus was a hero modeling all three of those examples. The King showed many qualities of a hero when Odysseus volunteered to fight in the battle of Troy, when Odysseus helps the men escape the cyclops, and when Odysseus keeps all emotions together after watching some of the sailors get eaten by the monster Scylla. Odysseus shows qualities of a hero when the king of Ithaca offers to go fight in the battle of Troy. Odysseus fights for Ithaca in the battle of Troy voluntarily. Odysseus tells Penelope that the soldier might not make it back alive from the battle. The soldier then tells Penelope to wait, only until Telemachus becomes a man. When Telemachus becomes a man then Penelope is allowed to marry one of the suitors. This makes Odysseus a hero because, The King goes to fight for Ithaca knowing that Odysseus might not make it back alive. …show more content…

When Odysseus and the men go to the island of the cyclops they get trapped in a cave. The cyclops that traps them eats a few of the men everyday. One day Odysseus decides that The King is going to stab the cyclops in the eye using a long log that has been put into fire. The cyclops is then blind and cannot see when Odysseus and the men sneak out of the cave underneath the sheep. This makes Odysseus a hero because Odysseus was thinking about how to get everyone out of the cave. Odysseus could have thought of a plan that would only allow a few people to be able to escape but Odysseus thinks of

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