Quotes From A Christian Dialectical Journal

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Serene Saad
Miss Kosa
English 8A
05 September 2014

Chapter 1
1) The impending danger Christian warns his family about is a great fire from heaven. He also tells them that they must escape. The family thought that something might have gotten to his head and did not believe him. They thought that he needed some rest to get back to normal.
2) Christian tells Evangelist that he is not willing to die because he fears the burden on his back will pull him lower than the grave and into hell. He believes that if he is not fit to go to prison, he is not fit to go to judgment, nor to execution. This makes him cry.
3) The parchment roll that Evangelist gives to Christian says, “Fly from wrath to come.”
4) Evangelist instructed him to go and follow the …show more content…

(2) That a tender conscience was an unmanly thing. (3) For a man to watch over his words and ways. (4) Few of the mighty, rich, or wise before they were persuaded to be fools, and to be of a voluntary fondness to venture the loss of all. (5) Objected the base and low estate and condition of those that were chiefly the pilgrims of the times in which they lived. (6) Their ignorance and want of understanding in all natural science. (7) It is a shame to sit whining and mourning under a sermon. (8) A shame to be sighing and groaning at home. (8)A shame to ask my neighbor forgiveness for petty faults. (9) A shame to make restitution where I have taken from any. (10) Religion makes a man grow strange to the great, because of the few …show more content…

(2) “We are always most zealous when Religion is well dressed and goes in his silver slippers; we love much to walk with him in the street if the sun shines and the people praise him.”
4) The three schoolfellows names were Mr. Hold-the-world, Mr. Money-love, and Mr. Save-all; Mr. Gripe-man taught them all. He taught them the art of getting, wither by violence, cheating, flattery, lying, or by putting on a pretense of religion.
5) By-ends tells save-all that the pilgrims are headstrong in these for areas- (1) They feel they must journey in all weathers; and I am for waiting for wind and tide. (2) They risk all for God any time; and I am for taking all advantages to secure my life and property. (3) They are for holding their notions, though all other men be against them; but I am for Religion in so far as the times and my safety suit it. (4) They are for Religion when in rags and contempt; but I am for him when he walks in his golden slippers, in the sunshine, and with applause.
6) Christian says “Not I. I have heard of this place before now, and how many there have been slain; and besides, that treasure is a snare to those that seek

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