Racial Profiling In The Classroom

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Review the artifacts above on student enrollments and student progress in the course. Then, provide a detailed description of all that this information tells you about the hypothetical course. Include how the teacher might adjust the course in the future based on the previous activity of these students. Document in a reflection on your blog. Teachers have to be vigilant in asserting an effort to make sure that student 's study habits do not weigh in when calculating a student 's grade. Students who are underserved need to have an opportunity based on their achievements rather than what statistical data predicts in terms of success. Racial profiling will be an embedded divisive device that will keep minorities from that gleam of hope if we…show more content…
Firstly, in the Class ID artifact we see that class information is provided to the instructor. The start and stop dates, as well as the number of students enrolled, are provided. What technology will I need to implement this course? This is the question that teachers will need to answer. Can I use a web conference tool, and how many seats will I need? What assessment tools will I need? What are the differentiated class sections that are aligned with the objectives? How do I engage and promote the maximum effectiveness in the learning environment? Secondly, the Payment teacher data artifact helps to understand the intention of the students who remain in the course. After an orientation, students are familiar regarding standardized testing and other prerequisites and course requirements. If students will be tested using a standardized instrument the teacher will have less flexibility in choosing the material proposed to be covered in a course. In order to achieve maximum success on the test, course objectives and lessons will need to closely align with the intended test students will…show more content…
In regard to monitoring student progress, teachers are allowed to walk around the room and peek over student’s shoulder. They are not allowed to impose predispositions regarding standard statistical data and the speed that a student accomplishes tasks. Certainly, student work has to be completed in a timely manner to meet deadlines, but that does not mean that a student cannot accomplish the task the way and at the speed that best aligns with their determined productivity in the learning environment. Teachers using analytics will have to be open to the exception to the rule. This is the basic tenet of differentiation. Adoption of monitoring of course progress is widespread especially with institutions that have emulated the business marketing analytics where they target the best customers. One could not be a true advocate of education and equality if they are remiss to give equal weight to the positives and the negatives of learning analytics. Are students late and waiting till the last minute to complete assignments? Gifted students who know how much time they will take per class on each assignment may have placed your course work as a low priority. Do not make a one box fits all
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