Racism In Australia

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Implications for Essay:
Bat and Fasoli present examples of effective competency based learning in isolated communities. This article provides information on the final essay in relation to overcoming the issue of regional isolation of remote indigenous communities and the concept of work based competency to formalise indigenous educator’s qualifications.

Hollinsworth, D. 2010, "Racism and Indigenous People in Australia", Global Dialogue (Online), vol. 12, no. 2, pp. 1-11.

Hollinsworth states that the gap between indigenous and non-indigenous Australians has a historical context and is the residual effect of colonization. The article claims the failure of British colonists to recognize the indigenous population …show more content…

The article highlights the method by which the Australian continent was colonised, the ruthless treatment of Aboriginals by the British colonists and the disposition of Aboriginal people. Hollingsworth clearly defines his view of “The Gap” which exists between indigenous and non-indigenous Australians in regards to life expectancy, socioeconomic status and literacy levels. Hollingsworth’s strongly suggests that the historic treatment of indigenous Australians is cause for national shame. The author advocates strongly for self-determination of Aboriginal people, stating that adopting a “bothways “ educational structure would assist with addressing low literacy levels amongst indigenous people. Similarly, addressing reconciliation through means of recognition of the rich indigenous culture, the languages that bound them to each other and the earth they walked on, could also assist with self-determination of Indigenous people. The article highlights the systemic neglect and abuse of indigenous Australians in the political arena, saying that the Labor government had made moderate attempts to bridge the gap. The tone of the article condemns colonisation, believing that the long term effects are a deliberate cause of cultural trauma of the Aboriginal people. The author utilises emotive text and presents a view predominately swayed towards an Aboriginal experience within colonial and modern day Australia.

Implications for Essay:

Hollinsworth presents a view of historic and contemporary racism within Australia, stating racism as one of the factors contributing towards low literacy rates within indigenous communities. This article will support the final essay in relation to the view of racism within Australian political, societal and educational spheres and how these issues affect the welfare of indigenous

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