Racism In Crow Country

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Kate Constable 's time slip adventure tale, “Crow Country”, explores that racism is a major idea in today 's society. Set in Boort, a small country town in Victoria, Constable underscores how people such as Sadie, the protagonist, can start to feel like they belong. As a result, she is able to solve the mystery of the stones and she begins to feel that she is included. Sadie is disappointed when her mother, Ellie, drags her to the country. Sadie didn 't feel like Boort was home until, she makes some friends, like Walter and Lachie. Sadie is tumbled back into 1939 to discover Jimmy Raven, an aboriginal man. So, that she can use the information that she is given to finish the story of the crow. Sadie went from not liking Boort to liking

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