The Divine Wind Character Analysis

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‘The Divine Wind’ written by Garry Disher, is a novel that explores the lives of many individuals as they face a time of hardship through war and conflict. Hart, the main protagonist of the book, develops several relationships along the way, the majority unfortunately ruined by his personal insecurities. Hart loses the friendship of his two close friends, Mitsy Sennosuke and Alice Penrose, causing him to feel alone and ‘friendless’ for some time. Consequently, he resorts to becoming friends with Jamie Killian, despite the fact that he didn’t get along well with him. Hart’s mother and father share a similar situation- a strained friendship due to individual insecurities. Hart felt ‘lost and in need of a friend’ when Mitsy and Alice decided …show more content…

Hart’s mother had ‘grown’ to hate Broome as she did not have the ‘red dirt, mangroves and pearls in her blood’. Michael had always loved the rough open waters, the crimson red dirt and the loud bustling environment of Broome. Due to their differences, his relationship with his wife becomes strained and unstable. Moreover, Ida decides to go back to England during a highly dangerous time of war. Hart and Alice had ‘taken it for granted’ that they were going to see their mother again, but Michael takes it to heart. He becomes shocked and distressed, leading him to make reckless decisions, taking Hart and Zeke out to sea during dangerously rough weather. Michael felt ‘insecure’ after losing his wife with a fear that she may have been attacked or killed during the war. This reckless decision leads to the death of Zeke and Hart becoming permanently injured from the whirring lugger, causing Hart to retreat into a world of self-pity and shutting off the rest of the world. Hart felt into a ‘subdued kind of dreaminess’ as he indulged himself in reading books, oblivious and lost to the world outside. Both Hart and his father’s insecurities lead to a broken and damaged relationship, making it even harder to mend the strained gap between Ida and Michael as well as Hart and

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