Rafael Leonidas Trujillo: A Genetics Of Justice

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In the story a Genetics of justice the characters were trapped by a genetic curse of fear. There fear was of the Dominican republic leader at the time Rafael Leonidas Trujillo. Trujillo was a crooked leader and because of it a lot of his people to feared him. In particular famous author Julia alvarez. Alvarez tells a story through her parents where they were trapped in the closet. By the end of this story Julia overcomes her fear and writes two books about it. The generational curse was broken. Trujillo was so crooked he made all of the residents hang a picture in their house in his honor. Along with it, is said “In this house,Trujillo is chief.” This alone indicates that he's full of himself. He instilled fear enough into his residents to make them hang a whole picture of him in their house next to …show more content…

Even though he was assassinated he still had followers and people who were still team Trujillo. Eventually Julia escaped again but her family could not. Julia in her latter years wrote a book about what happened back in her adolescents. She wrote her mom a letter and her mother went on about she should talk about those things and for 4 months the two went without talking. Long after trujillo's death her mother still had that cursed fear. Julia's rubble was to write another book going into detail. Her mother was astonished but actually genuinely proud, because she knew in her daughter the generational curse of fear was broken. In the story A Genetics of Justice, the whole family was burdened by this generational fear of the late leader Rafael Leonidas Trujillo. He instilled fear into all of his islander and Julia alvarez and her family was a victim too it. Julia cracked the code and finally broke out of the generational curse and wrote novels about her situations. Therefore Julia Alvarez broke the curse and became successful in

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