Ready Player One By Ernest Cline

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In the novel Ready Player One by Ernest Cline, the OASIS is an online platform that demonstrates a deteriorating obsession for young minds who engage in interactions online as a way to escape reality. In our society today we rely on social media and virtual platforms to cope with the real world, by creating things like the “Metaverse” for example. People have come up with this thought that if they create a new world for themselves that it will fix every flaw in one's life. The metaverse is a parallel world that offers a blend of physical and virtual worlds. “This spatial web offers a 3D arena where you can perform the same actions you would in a non virtual atmosphere.” (bhatt,2023) Users of the Metaverse will soon see that it wasn't all what …show more content…

VIrtual reality is the most studied virtual platform in the world. Scientists have picked apart this simulated 3D environment piece by piece to uncover its benefits and risks to our society if used. When a virtual reality headset is put on, your brain gets transported to this online environment, when using this head set a large amount of risks follow it. “The immersive environment of virtual reality and augmented reality can be the number one cause of anxiety or stress. Wearing an obstructive headset for only a few minutes can leave you with more than just one health risk.” (Husami, 2022) Scientists do also agree that VR can help you on a business standpoint and an empowerment of human experience. The benefits are much less convincing than the risks that the headset …show more content…

The addictive obsession causes users of these programs to gain an unhealthy fascination with being a part of them. Whether this be virtual reality,the metaverse, OASIS or augmented reality they all have traits to them which cause their users to want to continue playing them. THe risks that follow when you relive your life around these are extremely unsafe for all ages, these fake worlds make people use them to hide or cope with the issue that the real world offers. Taking this into consideration we can understand how online platforms demonstrate a deteriorating obsession for young minds who engage in interactions online as a way to escape reality. It would benefit our society today, if we did away with these platforms so our world doesn't continue to get worse as it already is day by day. From my viewpoint and many others saying that this is a very mind killing and changing thing in our world, scientists also agree with my standpoint in this. From reading the novel Ready Player One, and living in this world it has been proved that things may not be what they seem when it comes to the OASIS, and VR

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