Summary Of Ready Player One By Wade Watts

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Ready Player One follows Wade Watts, a teeanger escaping from the harsh realities of the real world, lives within the OASIS, a virtual reality “most of humanity now used on a daily basis.” When the creator of the OASIS, James Halliday dies, he leaves a huge fortune behind. Without any heirs, Halliday concluded that his fortune and power can only be inherited by an OASIS user who finds Halliday’s Easter egg within the virtual game using the clues he left behind. After years of searching for the egg, hope was lost until one night Wade Watts is the first to find the Copper Key, the key to unlocking the First Gate and to eventually finding the egg, and so he tells the story of what really happened of the Hunt for the egg.

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“Anonymity was one of the major perks of the OASIS. Inside the simulation, no one knew who you really were, unless you wanted them to. Much of the OASIS’s popularity and culture were built around this fact.” (pg. 28) This attests to the addiction of the OASIS, in which I connote anonymity within a virtual world with an addiction that we can’t stop ourselves from consequently consuming our daily lives. The anonymity comes back later in the book to deceive Wade, especially when he meets Aech in reality. “Shock gave way to a sense of betrayal. How could he - she - deceive me all these years? I felt my face flush with embarrassment as I remembered all of the adolescent intimacies I’d shared with Aech. A person I’d trusted implicitly. Someone I thought I knew.” (pg. 318) When Wade thought anonymity ‘was one of the major perks,’ he believed it would only disguise who his “best friend” was as someone who wasn’t too different in reality instead the anonymity “perk” disguised real personalities and is a deceiving trick of the OASIS yet also effective in protecting people’s privacy. Fortunately, their friendship was resilient even after they met in the real world. In addition, the anonymity of the virtual

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