Brief Summary Of Arena One By Morgan Rice

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Arena one by Morgan Rice about a 17 year old girl named Brooke and her 10 year old sister Bree. They live in 2120 in America after the second civil war, where they lost both their parents. After Bree is taken away by the slaverunners, people who kidnap survivors of the war and put them in an arena to fight to the death for their entertainment, Brooke fights to get her back. She then meet a guy named Ben along they way whose brother was also taken by the slaverunners. They decide to go together to get their younger siblings back. Brooke and Ben drive after there siblings in a slaverunners car that they took, and narrowly escape death multiple times. Through out the book, Brooke's will to survive is for her sister, and hope that she is still alive after Bree was put on a train. …show more content…

Arena One by Morgan Rice has a text to text connection with the book Legend by Mary Lu. First, both books are set in the future and are disposing novels. In Arena One, Brooke is a seventeen year old living in a world after war with her ten year old sister Bree. The world is covered in people called the slaverunners, who kidnapp survivors of the war in order for them to fight in an arena for their entertainment, or the crazy biovictims of the chemical warfair. In Legend, fifteen year old June Iparis is the protegy of her corrupted society that is devided between the ultra rich and the slums. In her country, there is a test, called the trial, that every --- year old takes. The better you score, the better job you get. If you fail, you will be experimented on and will most likely die from it. June is the only person in her country to get a perfect score on her trial. Secondly, both main characters have no parents. Brooke's dad was a retired marine corps officer and joined the war right after the first shots were fired, and she never saw him again. Brooke doesn't know how her mom died but believes it was from a bomb during the war. June's parents died

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