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In A Game’s Afoot by Ken Ludwig, the compelling story of an actor-turned “Sherlock Holmes” and the storyline of a murder lead to a captivating play. In AHS’s production, the stellar acting of the cast, the background, and the twists in plot development lead to a captivating and enjoyable theatrical show.
The fit of the characters cast was phenomenal. For instance, Mingyu Wu wonderfully portrayed the humorous qualities of Simon Bright with subtle acts, tone, pitches, and movement. Mingyu’s acting brought alive the shy, yet humorous character of Felix. Mingyu was able to bring a small-role character into the spotlight with moments of unforgettable acting, such as his tone pitches or cracks to represent the shyness of Simon. Even more, Mingyu’s acting was able to persuade that Simon was only a smalle-roled character when in fact; Simon was one of the most important characters in A Game’s Afoot because of his involvement with past murders. In other instances, Rohan Arora was able to propel the flamboyant qualities of Felix as a character with his boisterous voice. The boisterous voice allowed for specific scenes to exude a specific feeling urgency, calmness, etc., which greatly added to the value of the play. All the …show more content…

Those plot twists, however, are primarily because of Ludwig’s writing, but AHS’s production of A Game’s Afoot was able to seize those twists with the cast’s splendid acting along with the ambiance and music to accompany those riveting moments. Those moments prove to be very memorable. Events, such as Simon and Aggie being caught to be the mastermind of the murders from the past, but not Daria’s , Mrs. Gillette being the murderer of Daria, and Daria screaming into the crowd at the end of the play lead to memorable moments. Each plot twist was a change in the storyline that was not perceived to happen and wonderfully captured

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