Ready Player One By Ernest Cline

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In Ready Player One by Ernest Cline, the concepts of trends is a frequent topic, to the point where it helps make some of the most iconic moments of the book. Since the book is fueled by trend i would like to focus on them for my essay. To clarify i will refer to a trend as something that become so iconic it is practically synonymous with the time period it is from. I'll be studying the life expectancy of trends, since over time americans have become used to them that things come and go fairly quickly. One task will be finding probable cause for staying around, or being killed off. The book directly faces these topics, with a contest to become a multi billionaire, however as time goes on and no progress is made, it eventually is dubbed a hoax. To add upon that everything eighties resurfaces, because people believe will help them contest. So going through a variety of trend origins, on varying subjects i’ll attempt to have the general reasoning behind everything. …show more content…

Having entire generation becoming obsessed with a technological advancement, which made it seem like their life had improved. On top of that Ernest Cline doesn’t try to make giant leaps of history, saying that absurd things are going to happen in an unreal time frame. As well as making the standard destruction claims, he doesn’t try to explain where, just that it happened to avoid getting bogged down in details.by doing so it really puts the interest of the people in perspective, since it isn’t focused too much on their personal

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