Real Hero In A & P By John Updike

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Who is the Real Hero in A&P? During the story of "A&P" by John Updike, the narrator playing the main character Sammy has a really negative view on the place that he works, and also a negative view of the people that choose to shop in the store. Sammy is portrayed to be a typical nineteen-year-old boy who doesn't act on his beliefs until three random half dressed girls spark his interest. He is really bitter towards the customers and towards the whole entire store in general but only chooses to speak up about it when he needs to prove himself to the ladies. Sammy acts only on his impulse to prove himself to his boss and the girls, and would not have taken a stand otherwise. Some would believe that he was the hero of the story for standing up to his boss for Queenie and her minions, but Queenie and her minions were the true heroes of Sammy's life for igniting a flame and burning his inability to incorporate change in his life to get out of the black hole that is A&P. Sammy is extremely judgmental towards the customers that he observes very closely throughout the story, however, hides …show more content…

The gift he calls the "queen" presents so compelling an image that Sammy cannot stay distanced." (Saldivar 17). Queen has such a crazy effect on Sammy, which ties in the reasoning behind the climax of the story, and uncovers the true hero of this

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