Rear Window Essay

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1. Introduction
Rear Window is a 1954 crime thriller film directed by Alfred Hitchcock and based on the novel by James M. Cain. The film stars James Stewart and Grace Kelly and tells the story of a man who is blackmailed into spying on his neighbours through their windows. The film is characterised by its visual narrative, which uses a variety of camera angles and movements to create a sense of suspense. Conflict and resolution are also important elements of the film, and it is set in a claustrophobic setting that contributes to the feeling of paranoia. The conclusion of the essay discusses the various elements of Rear Window and their impact on the overall plot.
2. Characterisation
The film Rear Window is about a man who is confined to a …show more content…

One neighbour, Pam, is constantly harassed by Jeff, who records her every move and conversation. Pam becomes so paranoid that she begins to suspect everyone around her of being spies, and she eventually becomes so isolated that she is unable to function in society. Another neighbour, Diane, is constantly spied on by Jeff from his window, and she begins to become paranoid that he is watching her in order to catch her in a compromising position. Diane eventually becomes so despondent that she moves away from her home …show more content…

The family must cope with their grief and the memories of their loved one, while trying to protect themselves from the killer.
5. Setting & Atmosphere
The rear window is set in a classic Americana home, complete with a large back yard and a view of the city. This establishes the home as a setting for the story. It is a setting where the protagonist, the victim, and the suspect all reside. This provides a sense of familiarity and allows the reader to get a sense of the character's personalities.
The voyeur is watching the lives of the people inside the home. This establishes the perspective of the story. The voyeur observes the people as they go about their daily lives, and is interested in their interactions and their movements. The voyeur is also interested in what is happening inside the home, and is able to see things that the people inside the home cannot see.
The home's atmosphere is one of serenity and calm, contrasting with the chaos and violence outside the window. This establishes the tone of the story. The home is a safe place where the family can relax and take a break from the outside

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