Reasons For The Failure Of Reconstruction

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1876 was an important year for America. It was the 100th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence and America was moving forward. The united states was creating enough opportunity that all Americans and millions of immigrants could purse their hopes and dreams for happiness, just as Thomas Jefferson predicted 100 years earlier. But the great irony 1876 crushed the American dreams of millions of African-American and immigrants. Granting Hayes in office, he removed the last federal soldiers from the south, guaranteeing that all-white government will rise to power in the south. The dream of reconstruction was officially dead. To begin with, The south caused the reconstruction to crash and fail. The south tried to corrupt the 15th amendment. There was violence in the …show more content…

Many northerners supported the reconstruction when it began and supported black equality. By the mid 1870’s, the north had other problems and they lost most of the public support. As the public started to lose interest in reconstruction, Grant himself started to pay attention to other problems in the south. Although political violence continued in the south, the tide of public opinion in the north began to turn against reconstruction polices. According to document c, northern neglect wasn’t intentional, but resulted to numerous problems in America . Ulysses Grant is in a barrel attempting to sort through all of the nations problems. The barrel is symbolic to grants distractions. Northerners didn’t think much of blacks who were recently freed from slavery, were fit to be apart of the government. The northerners were anti-slavery, but believed that blacks needed time to be educated on the system. The white northerners depict the blacks to be obnoxious and crazy in the government and thought they wouldn’t be able to

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