Reasons Why People Become Transgender

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The definition of transgender is: denoting or relating to a person whose sense of personal identity

and gender does not correspond with their birth sex. According to Atanda, everyone has a gender identity

and can recognize whether they are male or female. Transgender people feel like they don 't fit their

physical appearances when most people feel that their gender and anatomy matches. There are a couple

reasons why people may become transgender. Most of the time, kids are born with a brain that is more

alike to their opposite sex. This is where a human is born with a brain that shows female characteristics

but is born a male, and where a male is born with a brain that shows more female characteristics. All

transgender people realize
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Hormone treatment is made to block puberty

and sex hormones so that the person won?t develop body parts he/she may not want. It also encourages

characteristics of the opposite sex. The treatment will make you start to look and feel more like the

opposite gender (Sex-change). When transgenders start hormone treatment, they start making little

appearance changes (Halperin). When people do hormone treatment they have to come back every

month to get injections in their arm, which are normally expensive. Once they have been doing treatment

for a longer amount of time they can change bigger things. The treatment does work better when the

patient is of a younger age. Studies have shown that the younger a child was to start hormone treatment,

the better the results were in the end (Sex-change). Also, if a person waits too long to get treatment, they

don?t have as many options. They may not be able to change their tone of voice or facial hair (Hartocollis).

The number of people taking treatment is rising. From 1998 to 2010 there was about 97 girls and boys

that were treated. This number will probably grow more over years. Even though hormone

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