Construction Of Gender

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Society has identify an image into the understanding of people of how the role/ job of each gender should be presented as. The two recognized types of gender are a man and a woman, although there are numerous types of gender roles a man or a woman must play to be accepted by the society. The way one should behave and act are mostly attributed to by their gender according to the society. Many people think of gender as the physical features of a woman and a man, but it is not just about the physical features it’s beyond that. Children learn from their society and their parents the idea of being masculine and feminine, even though these concept is not biological but cultural. I personally grew up around a lot men, there were female role models…show more content…
Kessler’s article, The Medical Construction of Gender: Case management of intersexed infants, Kessler speaks about the inherent problems related with sex for children born with debatable genitalia. One major issue that Suzanne Kessler talked about was the belief that intersexed babies are not born with a type of gender and as a result they need to adjust to being a male or female. Having a third gender is not acceptable to the society. So the children born with neither female nor male genitals are not looked at as normal also considered weird. Kessler argued that intersexed children are not male or female, but different and a third gender. Society only know two genders male and female, parents and doctors choose to do surgery on intersexed babies to fit into society’s view on gender. “Accepting genital ambiguity as a natural option would require physicians also to acknowledge that genital ambiguity is corrected not because it is threatening to the infant’s culture”. The medical community have the same view as the society, they see hermaphroditism as a problem or deformity that must be repaired by surgery. One of the way to decide which gender an intersexed child is the function and appearance of their genitalia. The appearance of the genitalia is very important for the child’s sex surgery. These dangerous surgeries are done just for the child to fit into the society with the rest of the “normal”
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