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Rebecca Nurse and I
“A child’s spirit is like a child, you can never catch it by running after it; you must stand still, and, for love, it will soon itself come back.” This is a quote said by Rebecca Nurse in The Crucible, this is said when Ann Putnam asks Rebecca to go check on Ruth to wake her up. Rebecca Nurse is an honest and caring woman in The Crucible that has eleven children and twenty six grandchildren. She was eventually accused of murdering Ann Putnam’s seven babies. Rebecca Nurse and I have a few personality traits in common in that we are caring/reasonable, faithful/trustworthy, and being well known individuals.
Both Rebecca Nurse and I are both caring and reasonable individuals in many ways. Rebecca Nurse portrays the way she care’s by being a good mother, taking care of her children, and overall being a generous person. She shows her caring side by giving money to charities because of her wealth. Not only does she take care for her children and the town bust she is also reasonable. She is reasonable for understanding that kid’s are kid’s and she let’s them act their age and doesn’t look down on them or get …show more content…

Rebecca Nurse in The Crucible gives off many ways to of how she is trustworthy and faithful. She stays faithful to God, reading the bible, and is faithful to the one’s she loves. Rebecca Nurse is trustworthy because she is honest and would never tell a lie due to being religious. I share in common with Rebecca Nurse by being trustworthy and faithful in many ways as well too. Im trustworthy because I’m honest and i won’t tell a lie. I won’t tell anyone's “secrets”, I always keep a promise and I always stay loyal to being trustworthy. Im faithful in ways when it comes to soccer. I will have faith and hope before we have games. I have faith in my teammates, my team, and winning the game. Rebecca Nurse and I share in common being trustworthy and

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