Recidivism In America

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One of the biggest problems faced in America is recidivism. The United States house over 2.3 billion inmates. This mean that the U.S. has 25% of the world’s inmates (NAACP). research shows that more than 40 percent of inmates return to prison. Inmates in America, depending on charges, face many barriers toward becoming productive citizens at work, family life, and in their communities. These are the top reasons that trigger recidivism. One significant cause of recidivism is it’s means of rehabilitation. Prisons have been used to as punishment, rather than to rehabilitate. Prison facilities is lacking resources needed to rehabilitate inmates. For instance, statistics that less than 5 percent of inmates who participated in the work release program committed new crimes. When inmates are released they lack basic computer skills. This makes a huge impact because finding employment, and filling out applications require computer knowledge. There are not many companies with still use the standard paper applications. They should require all inmates to participate in rehabilitation courses and programs, as well as completing computer skills programs. Programs have shown to make a difference, because of low …show more content…

With most companies, background checks are require and this hinder chances of finding stable employment. arrest, conviction, and incarceration impose immediate wage penalties and alter long-term earnings trajectories by restricting access to career jobs (Freeman 1992; Pager 2003; Western 2002). Felons look for ways of acceptance, and to gain innocent and trust in our society. Instead society seem to have many ways of knocking them down. Background checks causes lack of trust, employers judge based upon background. Previous inmates must fulfill the duties of citizenship, but their conviction status effectively denies their rights to participate in society. The lack of employment is a major cause of

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