Reconstruction DBQ Essay

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Reconstruction was a period in American history where the north and south worked together to rebuild the south both physically and economically. But did it work to stop the racism that was still lingering? Reconstruction started after the civil war ended and the south joined the union again. Many people made a living off of this and worked in the south to help with reconstruction. Reconstruction did not solve the issues of racial division in the United States though because Segregation was still a thing,many people were still violent toward blacks, there were many black codes, and many blacks were still in poverty. During reconstruction blacks were separated from the whites and not allowed to use certain things, this was called segregation.People made laws called Jim crow Laws to support this act.[Doc. E Jim Crow Laws] These laws made blacks and whites use different things for everything. The blacks and whites did not share any public services together. Blacks would have to sit in the back of the bus. They had their own…show more content…
They beat them like before and Document B, Not Free Yet supports this very well. Even at their new jobs they were not paid fairly like they should have been.That just goes to show how even though freedom was given, the blacks were still being mistreated in many ways. Black codes were also put in place during this period to stop blacks from voting. They put expectations that they knew the black people could not meet.In the Document Reconstruction, there are examples of poll taxes and literacy tests that the former slaves could not pay or pass. These codes were made just to affect the blacks.Because of these new codes the voting was very unfair for the north since the freedmen would all vote for the republicans. Putting these black codes in place stopped that from happening
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