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Reconstruction in Texas was never known until after the Civil War. This Civil War left many in debt, and those who opposed secession from the Union were treated horribly during the war. This called for revenge. During the time Former President Abrham Lincoln was in charge and he was a man with a plan. He wanted to restore the Union as quickly as possible. This process was called Reconstruction.
After The War, Followed By A New President However, he was soon assassinated, and the plans were not followed by him. The same month of April 1865, Andrew Johnsons took over the task of Reconstruction. He adopted Lincolns plan and made up the idea of a provisional government. The provisional government idea was meant for …show more content…

This was later known as “Juneteenth”. This celebration marks the end of slavery and free humankind. Juneteenth now stands as a Legel state holiday. This was passed by General Gorden Granger who then took control of the state. His first act was to announce Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation and declared all enslaved Texans free. Granger still encouraged freedmen to work for their old slave owners but for money. Many, however, tried this process out but at once moved to be reunited or find old family members they were separated from while being kept in slavery. Freed people during the era of slavery set goals for themselves. They wanted to have an education for not only themselves but also their kids. They wanted to own land and support themselves and their families in a peaceful environment without worrying about danger or …show more content…

Hamilton took over in July 1865. He called for a convention that would write a new state constitution for the first steps of returning the state to the Union. Many of Govenor Hamilton’s supporters wanted to grant equal rights to freed people. However, many of the convention delegates of the time want them to have the same equal rights as White Texans. The delegates wanted to make those changes necessary if it was worth rejoining the Union. A year later April 9, 1866, a new Constitution was created and published. This new constitution granted African Americans in Texas equal rights, but there were still many things the African Americans were prohibited from doing. This included; voting, serving on juries, or testifying against white

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