Red Fox Research Paper

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The European fox was introduced to Australia so that people could hunt foxes. There were no foxes in Australia until their introduction in 1855 by the European settlers. It is estimated that there are about 7.5 million foxes in Australia.

Natural habitat: Foxes live in multiple habitats such as our suburbs, lightly wooded areas, forests and deserts. During the day foxes sleep in dens, logs, and other sheltered areas.
Appearance: Foxes were introduced to Australia in the middle of the 1800s for hunting and in about 100 years of spread to most of Australia. Foxes have recently been introduced to Tasmania.
Diet: The red fox eats lots of different types of food. The red foxes diet includes fruits,berries and grass. It also eats meat such as bird meat, rabbit meat squirrel meat and mouse meat. One of the biggest part of the red foxes diet is that it’s diet is made up of insects such as caterpillars, crickets, …show more content…

A red fox is very nocturnal. The fox stalks its prey to get a good chance of eating its prey.

The european red fox was was introduced for the sport “fox hunting”. The red fox was brought to australia by the european settlers.
The european red came to australia by boat with the european settlers.
One on the benefits of introducing the red fox is so that the people can go fox hunting.
The red foxes suited for the australian environment because of all of the suburbs, wooded areas, forests and dried places. Also a lot of people like to go fox hunting.

A red fox does actually have a very big impact on the australian environment and animals. The red fox eats all different types of australian animals and also by how they can attack people since they live in suburbs maybe even yours.

Overall the European red fox is very intelligent and is a great animal to have in australia. People love the red fox for the sport fox hunting and how amazing they

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