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In the journal “What works in Reducing Recidivism” I revised how Latessa has been finding the resources of different interventions that can help inmates reduce the drugs and crime. Different evaluations and meta-analysis and cost-benefit studies have improved of the drug courts. Drug courts have produced a modest and significant recidivism for adults with cost savings. As well for juvenile’s drug court are less substantial. A few programs that have I have reviewed to be non effective in reducing recidivism were shaming offenders, drug prevention programs, talking cures and self help programs have actually increased recidivism rates. Over time recidivism are measured off an offenders re-arrest during the program and follow up periods. With …show more content…

When inmates are serving time why not get enough knowledge to help when out to help be experienced for a job? Inmates have limited resources while in prison but can use some of it to use for a better future when they exit. Prisons that fund programs such as getting a degree or G.E.D to help improve their skill set for the job they may want once they get out is the right direction to help rehabilitate men that have been in there several years. Reducing recidivism that helps inmates can set a path for other inmates to do also and can deter others from doing any further crime if they had education or sense of doing better. While Bagley, C also studied that different approach to inmates programs has been easier on officers and how they was being treated differently by inmates. With a four month program RECAP which inmates that could not act regularly to other programs this program got into hard detail of offenders if group sessions were negative to inmates. RECAP gives all the tools needed for inmates to get the actual skills required minimizing unnecessary programs that doesn’t really deter criminals and they find RECAP beneficial to their needs. Once RECAP improve their skills needed when looking for a job, employers and those looking for candidates can receive the good news of them rather than the old criminal news. With RECAP being the source of the …show more content…

There are some cost efficient programs and other options that may be more than expected but making sure one works the best should be looked at with a different strategy to reduce recidivism. Inmates usually have obstacles when pertaining to getting back on their feet and how they spend their time wisely keeping consistent on their new goals. Recidivism and redemption are somewhat similar where recidivism is whether a criminal still “look like they will enter back into crime as an offender and redemption make sure that criminal records depreciates in the future over time making employers to rely on former inmates criminal records. Desistance the act of ending criminal’s careers. Over time long term recidivism has shown to be desistance that significantly individual change during the process when supported for opportunities for work, housing, and

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