Male Community Reentry Paper

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The Male Community Reentry Program offers rehabilitation services such as mental health care, medical care, education, housing, social support, employment, substance abuse rehabilitation, and many other services (Freudenberg 1725). The program is provided in Kern County jail and in Los Angeles jail. In order for inmates to qualify they need to have 120 days remaining prior to their release date. The program offers prisoners the opportunity to develop their social skills and services to overcome their mental disabilities and substance use disorders to reentry society. Most ex-cons struggle to find a job, housing, and socialize with others because people do not want to have a relationship with a criminal. “Coming Home From Jail: The Social and Health Consequences of Community Re-entry for Women, Male Adolescents, and Their Families” by Nicholas Freudenberg, Jessie Daniels, Martha Crum, Tiffany Perkins, and Beth E. Richie is an article that explains the importance of the correctional program. It describes the beneficial factors of the program, mentioning that life in jails has exposed inmates to socialize with people that may have mental problems. Substance abuse is huge factor that has, infectious and chronic diseases that can contribute to health …show more content…

The article “Prisoner Reentry in a Small Metropolitan Community: Obstacles and Policy Recommendations” by Brett Garland, Eric J. Wodahl, and Julie Mayfield explains how the study proves that rehabilitation services provided during imprisonment for inmates that are going to reentry society are beneficial. In the study 43 male offenders were asked to identify which programs help them or that can help them to reentry society. It is mention in the article that the main obstacles male offenders face after reentering includes employment and reconnection with their

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