Is The Prison Fellowship Program Effective Among Successful Ex-Offenders Post Imprisonment

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Is the Prison Fellowship program effective among successful ex-offenders post imprisonment? Researchers have shown that social traits and the psychological well-being of an ex-convict are both challenging phases in the process of adjusting into society. In a classical experimental design, this study will seek to observe social behaviors and mental health changes among inmates prior to booking, while in prison, and post-imprisonment over the course of two years. The goal of the study is to examine changes over social and mental health qualities between those participating in the program and those who are not. The experimental group will consist of men and women who are active in the program while incarcerated, and the control group will consist …show more content…

Selective sampling is recommended for this research by choosing men and women within Texas prisons committed to the Prison Fellowship program. The gender variable is valuable to generalize the prison population and show any differences between the two. The sampling method is also significant, because it 's selective to first time offenders to maintain a non-bias study. Unlike the previous studies this particular study will focus on social aspects and mental health issues. By examining participants over the course of a two year time frame data will become more accurate. In this amount of time prisoners will have the ability to adjust to the prison atmosphere. If the study were to exceed over a certain time frame the possibility of demoralizing inmates can come into effect hindering the results. For example death row inmates will not suit this particular study, because they are less likely to participate in adjustment programs and dont have the same mindset as someone getting released. Requested samples are also required to be over the age of 25. This age range is significant due to the fact that studies have proven the brain to be fully development around the age of 25. This will provide valuable results eliminating those who are statically underdevelopment meaning they go through many psychological and social changes without prison

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