Reflection About Love

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Love can be experienced in many ways, some say it’s that tingly feeling you get while looking at your loved one. Others say it’s when you get a feeling similar to getting swept of your feet, when hugging your partner. But what are these feelings? How are they created? There are scientific explanations for everything from why we stay with our partners to why we smile like fools to attractive strangers on the street. To begin with, love, as so many other things, originates from a time thousands of years ago. It originates from the time when humans could barely stand on two feet. Being able to stand up and examine each other from tip to toe enabled a different kind of love to be born. Humans became so much more vulnerable, so the mother and father stayed together, therefore there was a bigger chance the offspring would make it through infancy. Helen Fisher, author of “Anatomy of Love” says that after four years, the child had made it through infancy and there was no need for the parents to stay together longer. This so called “four-year itch” is something today’s couples suffer from as well. According to the article “The Right Chemistry” written by Anastasia Toufexis, today the itch shows up in most countries’ divorce rates as they peak around the fourth year of marriage. I won’t deny that it looks like these two things are connected, but I am very suspicious. To begin with, I doubt the majority of marriages start the same year the last child is born. I find it highly
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