Reflection On Enrique's Journey

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Final reflection on the common reader “Enrique’s Journey” Through all the hardships of living in a poor country where just putting food on the table is a challenge. Seeing the media overinflate how great it is to live a country like the United States would feel like a pipe dream. Coming from a country full of corruption and powerful gangs governments that does not seem to care and payed off police to look the other way. The poem by Emma Lazarus has a deep connection to the hardships Enrique had to endure. Enrique’s family was from the poor side of Tegucigalpa ripe with corruption and drug use most families barely able to keep food on the table. The thought of going to a place as welcoming as the poem states, a place that has open arms to the poor and homeless. The line yearning to breathe free could reference the crushing poverty under which the mothers and fathers would seek out ways to keep their children away from the pain. Parents seeking out ways to improve their children’s life might see America as the only option available at that moment to keep food on the table and the kids in school. In addition the ideal “American Dream” and the media over inflating how perfect America is might just be enough to tear a loving mother from her kids they might be able to live a better life, even if it is with out her. Sonia Nazario abandoned her …show more content…

107). The United States is a country built on immigrants so it should stand as a shining beacon to all the world stating that everyone, no matter race, religion, or culture are welcome. Though sometime the world has views about the United States of America both positive and negative I believe with hard work we can turn this country into the country it used to

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