Analysis Of Luis Estable's Poems

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Immigrant from Cuba Speaks His Mind through Poetry Luis Estable’s poems are simple yet thought-provoking and fun to read. Cuban immigrant Luis Estable offers his gift of poetry to America, and what a wonderful gift it is. Over the years, he has written hundreds of pieces of poetry, in styles ranging from free verse to sonnet. Estable covers a wide range of topics and themes, and he conveys different thoughts and emotions between the lines. Such poems are found in his first published book of poetry Simply My Mind (Dorrance Publishing, 2010). Small book it may be, but Simply My Mind is heavy on poetic artistry and creative imagination. Estable’s poems enables the human mind to understand the deep things or mysteries behind many things, and through his thought-provoking and fun verses readers will get to assess their own feelings and situations and expand their thoughts. For example, invites readers to reflect on the differences between a tiger and a bird (in “The Tiger”), the happy face of a blind boy and the smile of a mute girl (“I Saw”), a ‘dead penis’ (in “Dead Penis), and wealth (in “The Truth of Wealth”).…show more content…
For people who plan to study poetry, grab Estable’s debut book of poems as his works really speak the language of the mind and soul. Simply My Mind is one of the book that will be featured at the upcoming 2017 Book Expo America on June 1 to 3, 2017. Simply My Mind by Luis Estable serves as a literature student’s introduction to the most compact form of
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