Persepolis Essay

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Persepolis Reflective Statement
In the graphic novel Persepolis, Marjane Satrapi incorporates the theme of rebellion throughout the novel. She emphasizes that rebellion is key to her coming of age story and is important to everyone’s coming of age story. The first sign of rebellion is when she wants to be a prophet, women didn’t work, let alone become prophets, she establishes in this moment that she was different from everyone else. Her parents play an important role in her rebellion, they encourage her to rebel, to be “avant garde” (6/1). For example, they buy her nikes, and jean jackets and allow her to reveal hair out of her hijab, they are pleased with Marjane wanting to be modern rather than a fundamentalist woman.Growing up I rebelled, I did so in a positive way I disliked to go outside and play like other kids, I enjoyed going to school and learning unlike the other kids. My mom grew up getting into fights and being a troublemaker in her neighborhood, she was surprised to see that I refrained from getting into trouble or getting involved with drugs and alcohol at a young age. Just like young Marjane I rebelled, and everyone looked at me different for being who I was. However, they do not always encourage her rebellion, her mother forces her to pray, “If anyone ever asks you pray during the day, say you pray, you understand?” (75/6) in this case her mother wanted her like everyone else to keep from being killed or taken away. In another instance she starts smoking

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