Refugee Blues Analysis Essay

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The poem Refugee Blues is written by Wilfred H Auden in 1939 who moved to Germany in the late 1920’s and observed Hitler 's rise to power. Refugee blues is in reference to the abuse of human rights and the suffering, despair and isolation that all refugees experience during their journey of survival. The refugees in this case were the Jews. The poem is written as a conversation between two people, possibly a husband sharing his thoughts to his wife. Despair is first shown in the structure of the poem. Auden was in America and witnessed the vile conditions of the slaves there, the persecution and degrading treatment contrasting with the old American adage, 'Land of the Free '. One might suggest that Auden witnessing the former black …show more content…

In summation Auden is able to use several techniques to convey the desperation and Isolation of the Jewish people. Nearly all the stanza repeat the same theme although he uses different methods and analogies to describe the same feeling and emotions. This poem can be used not only for the Jewish race but many societies during his time and ours today. The poem could well have been written about the African slaves which continued to be ruled many decades later or the Red Indians. To date society has a psychological hierarchy installed within individuals which isolates people and creates a sense of fear and hopelessness in certain groups. Societies need scapegoats to legitimise their own actions and desires. Auden was able to show this clearly and metaphorically for us to take heed. Auden was known for his frankness in discussing contemporary issues of humanity in the face of totalitarianism. Refugees Blues is a wonderful example of his ability to use a range of English styles and forms to convey his feelings and messages. Further the way we can relate his writing and the themes he raised to modern day events show the beauty of the unchanging human spirit, there always has been and always will be a spark of survival despite the overarching darkness, Auden 's last gift of

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