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E) Funding As stated previously, Relationships Australia is a non profit organisation so therefore most of its funding comes from the federal government (72%) and the state government (23%). Most of the services are free for the clients however there is a few services that require clients to pay and that makes up around 3% of the income. Most of this income is put towards the wages of the staff (76%), property expenses (10%), and operating and administration expenses (10%) (Relationships Australia, 2014, p. 46). F) Information provided about social issues/ problems relevant to the services of the agency The information that can be located on the Relationships Australia website is aimed at clients and better helping them mend or terminate …show more content…

This is relevant to the client group because Relationships Australia is focused around aiding people in having healthy and safe relationships. The article has a number of key points, which coincides in helping the same client group as Relationships Australia. The article asked a number of rhetorical questions in order to help the reader or client decide whether the relationship that they have with another person (in the articles example it is a co-worker), is beneficial to both parties. The article then makes suggestions as to better the relationship between two people who may not be getting along as well as they could be. The article focuses on three main strategies in regards to bettering relationships. The first main point, says to face the situation head on and not to avoid the person that the conflict is occurring with. The second point conveys the importance of listening. Listening to the other persons concerns may help further develop the relationship onto a more positive one. The third point, emphasises how relationships cannot be fixed straight away, more often than not it takes time to develop relationships and it is important to give the other person time. Relationships Australia focuses on many different aspects of many different types of relationships. From family …show more content…

This is relevant to Relationships Australia because they provide a service that is dedicated to helping victims of domestic violence. The article discusses the law in which are in place in Queensland to help victims gain justice against their abuse spouse. The aim of the act is to “operate more effectively and provide greater protection to victims by strengthening and clarifying certain sections”. This is important information as clients should know their rights and that the law is there to keep them protected. This article can work hand in hand with Relationships Australia, as Relationships Australia provide their clients with the emotional support to work through there issues with domestic violence and the article shows them an option to fight back against the abuse in the eyes of the law (Domestic Violence (family protection) Amendment Act 1992, 1993, p.

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