Nicole Simpson Case Study

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Nicole’s Murder According to Simpson & Haven, the murder of Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman was a shock to the nation, but what was more appalling is the fact that O.J. Simpson was the one on trial for those murders. The authorities were more concerned of the victims’ rights were being neglected (Simpson & Haven, 2008). This paper will expose Nicole Simpson first time reporting intimate violence to the authorities long before her death. I will also examine stalking and intimate violence, victim rights as well as protection provided by the regulation and how it pertains to the case of Nicole Simpson. In addition to the connection in homicide, intimate violence and stalking. Particularly, the case of Nicole Simpson. The theories of criminology …show more content…

The available services for victims are provided on a case to case basis. Training is also provided for staff members that are handling domestic violence cases and simplify compensation collection or resolution between the lawbreaker and the suspect. In reference to Simpson case, victims’ rights were severely violated. Nicole Simpson was neglected of her victim’s rights; she was not given protection nor a police escort after she filed a complaint of intimate violence. The accused O.J. Simpson should have been given a restraining order to protect Nicole, there were still access to her even after she made a complaint of intimate violence. Changes have to be made for the future, police that is handling cases such as intimate violence should have a prompt response. The restraining order wouldn’t do any good if it isn’t enforced, the perpetrator should be return to police custody to guarantee the safety of the victim. Compensation can be used as a tool to discourage offenders from committing acts. Families and victims should be compensated for the grief that they were put through and the losses they may have had (Fattah & Peters, …show more content…

There is a checklist that police officers must abided by so that suicide and homicide will not become a possibility in these domestic cases. Each case is different however, the measure of prevention is the same. The danger in the Case of Nicole Simpson was not seen as a threat by authorities, if it had then she would have been protected. She made numerous of statements about being abused by her husband O.J. Simpson, there were also statements made to her friends but nothing was done. The authorities are just as guilty as the murder, due to their negligence they should be held equally responsible (Newburn, 2007). Five questions that would have been relevant to ask victims in dangerous intimate relationships are:
1. Have you ever been threatened with a weapon by your abuser?
2. Have you ever been threatened to be killed by your abuser?
3. Is your abuser capable of killing you?
4. Have you ever been choked by your abuser until you blacked out?
5. Can your partner gain access or does he own a weapon?
Lastly, the case of Nicole Simpson will never be truly put to rest. O.J. Simpson was never deemed innocent nor guilty so that leave such a gap in the legal system. The hardest part of this case is that the police failed to take preventive measures to assure Nicole’s safety after she reported said

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