Render Unto Larry's, By Hyeonseo Lee

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1. I feel that forgiveness is not for the other person, it’s a process that provides you the energy and the self-confidence to move on. One reason why is forgiveness is not for the other is because in my experience, forgiveness is a situation where serious harm has been done to you physically or mentally. The next steps are finding a way to relieve your conscious of the harm caused. For example, in the “Render Unto Larry’s” an op-ed piece written by Phil Holland, tells a memoir of his childhood, in which he and his friend Chester stole model paints from a neighborhood store. Although Larry was dead, Mr. Holland wanted to relieve his conscious and he did so by a personal apology to someone that reminds you of the situation. 2. In my view you are the only one who can decide what forgiveness means to you and how to go about helping yourself move on. When carry anger, resentment and anxiety around inside; it is destructive to your body. For example, In the NPR …show more content…

In my view resilience can sometime be brought on by an emotional event and helps you with self-confidence. Additionally, I feel that resilience means that one can expect things that can happen in a process and can adjust accordingly to the situation at hand. My example of resilience was demonstrated in this TED talk video “My Escape from North Korea” by Hyeonseo Lee, she discusses her life in North Korea and how everything was transparent to her in North Korea as she was growing up until the age of seven. In response to Larry’s claim that” forgiveness is not for the other person,” he presents a poorly inconsistent argument, on several questionable norms, which his evidence is based solely on his life situations. I cannot process this as a valid argument. Most people in the world today forgive to please someone on the other-side. For example, maybe the abuser had a guilty conscience for what he did to you over the years? I would say that forgiveness is for her/him as well because people can

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